Badge Resources

Helpful links for badge creation:

Free Badge Designer from MyKnowledgeMap (awesome!)

Badges Resource Flowchart - great starting point

For All Badges - where you can create a system of badges for free
Allows the admin to first add earners as participants and then to issue them badges - great for a teacher administering badges to a classroom of students - website for creating badges
Allows the admin to award badges by entering the email addresses of those who have earned the badge - is ideal for awarding badges to a large number of people.

WordPress and WPBadger Plugin - another way to offer badges
Process outlined here by Doug Belshaw

Webinar talk discussing badge design (Thanks to Sunny Lee for the resource!)
By Erin Knight, Mozilla's Senior Director of Learning - discussing what to think about when creating your badge system. Sheryl Grant and Carla Casilli also panelists for the webinar.

Google badges group (awesome resource--great conversations and help from experienced badgers, as well as weekly community calls to discuss badges)!forum/openbadges

Make your own Mozilla badges by hand (Thanks to Anya for the referral!)
Instructions by Billy Meinke

The manual issuing of badges by hand (Again, thanks to Anya from the google group)
Described in a case study by Peter Rawsthorne

Mozilla's page for Issuers ("What do I need to know?")

P2PU Badge Maker Challenge (getting started making badges for P2PU)

API for badge issuer's website (instructions)

Google Group for Open Badges!forum/openbadges

Open Badges 101 Course on P2PU (by Leah MacVie)

Slideshare promotions of badges:

Slideshare has a bunch of presentations given on badges

Videos from DML Badges Workshop 2012

Bloggers discussing badges recently:

Carla Casilli
Project Lead for Mozilla’s Open Badges. She blogs here fairly regularly about the project and especially about badge system design in an effort to narrow in on best practices.

Sunny Lee
Project Manager and Partner Manager at Mozilla Open Badges. She is an active Twitter user and often discusses Mozilla’s efforts in promoting badges.

Doug Belshaw
Badges and Skills Lead for Mozilla

Erin Knight
Mozilla's Senior Director of Learning. Also works on the badge project for Mozilla.

Chris McAvoy

Peter Rawsthorne
Contractor for the Open Badges and Ignite Learning Labs at Mozilla. Spends some time on this blog discussing the open badges concept.

P2PU Blog
From VanessaG on the progress of the DML badges competition

Leah MacVie 

Active P2PU user and course designer, PhD student and Instructional Designer. She has been active in researching Mozilla Open Badges and in wanting to forward their progress.

Anya Shyrokova
Grad student at the University of Michigan working on the Design for America badge project as part of the DML Competition

Chrissi Nerantzi (took Leah MacVie's P2PU course on Open Badges)
Academic Developer for teaching and learning at the University of Salford. She works with instructional design and has been involved in a project with badges for the university.

James Sanders

Innovation manager for the Bay Area schools. Creator of Class badges project can also be followed on Twitter:

David Wiley

How badges work
How we evaluate learning
Edstartup using badges

Caryn Swark

Badges: Motivation, making them meaningful
Ways to use badges in the classroom

Dan Hickey
Along with Rebecca Itow, Elyse Buffenbarger, and Andi Rehak--working on using open digital badges and blogging about the process

Organizations with current badge projects:

Planet Stewards

Class Badges (in private beta)
A free, online tool where teachers can award badges for student accomplishments. Using a teacher account, you can award badges customized for your classroom or school.

Buzz Math

A resource for math teachers and students that facilitates learning

Who Built America?

American Social History Project, Electric Funstuff and Education Development Center


Collaboration between the Museum of Natural History and LearningTimes

Starlite Badges

Developed in conjunction with NASA


This company helps schools and organizations create their own badge system

Young Adult Library Services Association

Help librarians develop skills to meet the needs of 21st century teens

The Hub 

High school initiative of the Providence After School Alliance

Moodle as Issuer, Mahara as Displayer project

Manufacturing Institute

(in conjunction with BYU's David O. McKay School)


This link is a "media coverage" report discussing badges


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